Events for: 18/11/2018  to 31/12/2018  (end of the current term)

18/11/2018 Second Sunday before Advent 
18/11/2018 No service in chapel 
18/11/2018 Exeat ends 
18/11/2018 School House boarders return between 18:00 and 20:00 unless by prior arrangement 
18/11/2018 Senior boarders return between 18:00 and 21:00 unless by prior arrangement with the relevant Housemaster or Housemistress 
18/11/201810:00-18:00Senior School Play 'Twelfth Night' - Technical RehearsalOndaatje Hall
18/11/2018All dayKRS: National Schools' Kayak ChampionshipsReading
19/11/201807:00-20:00A-Level Physics and Science "Live" Event at Bramall Hall, Birmingham 
19/11/201809:00-10:30Year 11 Study Skills lectureOndaatje Hall
19/11/201813:00Onatti Theatre Productions: "Ticket pour l'espace" for Years 7 and 8 plus Blundell's Prep School pupilsBig School
19/11/201814:00Deadline for Spring term calendar 
19/11/201819:30Senior School Play 'Twelfth Night' Dress RehearsalOndaatje Hall
20/11/201808:30Year 9 AssemblyOndaatje Hall
20/11/201817:30Common Room MeetingBlundell House
20/11/201817:30Quiet Time followed by Holy Communion/Evening Prayer at 18:10Lady Chapel
20/11/201819:30Senior School Play ' Twelfth Night' - Dress RehearsalOndaatje Hall
21/11/2018 Years 9 and 10 exams begin 
21/11/201807:40Holy CommunionLady Chapel
21/11/201809:40Netball: U14 County Round of National Schools' Netball Championships departing at 08:30Cranbrook
21/11/201810:30-10:55Respect Committee MeetingBeale Centre
21/11/201814:00Basketball Round 7: 1st (A) departing at 13:00 
21/11/201814:30Rugby v Mount Kelly: U13A U13B U12A U12B (H)  
21/11/201815:30Girls' Hockey v St Peter's Lympstone: U13A U13B (H)  
21/11/201819:30Senior School Play 'Twelfth Night' by William ShakespeareOndaatje Hall**
22/11/2018 Years 9 and 10 exams continue 
22/11/2018 Year 12 assessments until Tuesday 27th November 
22/11/201819:30Senior School Play 'Twelfth Night' by William ShakespeareOndaatje Hall**
23/11/2018 Clement, Bishop of Rome, Martyr, c.100 
23/11/2018 Years 9 and 10 exams continue 
23/11/201808:30Year 13 AssemblyOndaatje Hall
23/11/201816:15Enrichment session for Year 12: 'Living with HIV' by Emma ColeOndaatje Hall
23/11/201816:15Year 11 Enrichment Session: 'preparing for Mock Exams'Old Gym
23/11/201819:30Senior School Play 'Twelfth Night' by William ShakespeareOndaatje Hall**
24/11/201809:30-12:30Guest MorningBeale Centre
24/11/201812:45Girls' Hockey v Millfield: U13C U12C (A) departing at 11:15 
24/11/201813:00Girls' Hockey v Millfield: U13A U13B U12A U12B (A) 13:00 departing at 11:15 
24/11/201814:00Girls' Hockey v Millfield: U14A U14B (H)  
24/11/201814:00Choral Concert rehearsal for 'Dream of Gerontius'Big School
24/11/201814:15Girl's Hockey v Millfield: 2nd 3rd (A) departing at 12:15 
24/11/201814:15Rugby v Bristol GS: 1st 2nd 3rd U14A U14B U13A U13B (H) U16A U16B U15A U15B U12A U12B (A) departing at 12:00 
24/11/201815:30Girls' Hockey v Millfield: 1st (A) 15:30 departing at 12:15 
24/11/201819:00Choral Concert: 'Dream of Gerontius' by Edward Elgar in conjunction with the East Devon choral SocietyBig School**
25/11/2018 Christ the King 
25/11/201808:00-17:00Ten Tors Training Walk on Dartmoor for the 45 mile team onlyDartmoor
25/11/201810:30School EucharistChapel
26/11/2018 Years 9 and 10 exams end 
26/11/2018 Pupils to write self-assessments by Monday 3rd December 
27/11/201808:30Year 10 AssemblyOndaatje Hall
27/11/201816:15Basketball v West Buckland: 1st (H)  
27/11/201817:00School House Teatime ComcertMusic Department Foyer
27/11/201817:30Quiet Time followed by Holy Communion/Evening Prayer at 18:10Lady Chapel
28/11/201807:40Holy CommunionLady Chapel
28/11/201811:30Exeter v East Devon Schools Cross Country for selected pupils 
28/11/201816:00Girls' Hockey v Queen's College Taunton: U13A U13B (H)  
28/11/201816:30Girls' Hockey v Queen's Taunton: U12A U12B (A) departing at 15:30 
28/11/201817:30Calendar Committee MeetingBowring Room
28/11/201820:30Open Mic NightOndaatje Hall
28/11/2018All daySpeech & Drama ExaminationsBeale Centre
29/11/2018 Speech & Drama ExaminationsBeale Centre
29/11/201809:40Netball: U16 County Rounds of the National Schools' Netball Tournament at Exeter University departing at 08:30 
29/11/201819:00Charity Wine Tasting EventBig School**
29/11/201819:30Monitors' DinnerBlundell House
29/11/201819:30Phoenix Society talk: 'How Parliament Works'Beale Centre
29/11/2018All daySpeech & Drama ExaminationsBeale Centre
30/11/2018 Andrew the Apostle 
30/11/201808:30Year 12 AssemblyOndaatje Hall
30/11/201813:00Lunchtime ConcertBig School Foyer
30/11/201816:15-17:00EPQ Presentation ExhibitionPopham Centre
30/11/201817:00-17:30Year 12 Parents' Academic ForumOndaatje Hall
30/11/201817:30Year 12 Parents' MeetingBig School
30/11/2018All dayGovernors' MeetingsBeale Centre
30/11/2018All daySpeech & Drama ExaminationsOndaatje Hall
01/12/2018 Leave Weekend until 2nd December 
01/12/2018 Rotary Shoebox Scheme Deadline 
01/12/2018 Girls' Hockey: U16 Indoor Tournament  
01/12/201812:00-23:00Reunion lunch and dinner event for the Class of 88Big School & Beale Centre
01/12/201812:45Girls' Hockey v Bristol GS: U15B (A) departing at 11:00 
01/12/201813:00-14:00Second Hand Clothes Shop open 
01/12/201814:00Girls' Hockey v Bristol GS: 2nd (H) U13A, U13B, U12A, U12B (A) departing at 12:15 
01/12/201814:00Rugby v Taunton Prep: U13A U13B (H) U12A U12B (A) departing at 12:00 
01/12/201814:15Rugby v Taunton School: 1st 2nd 3rd U16A U16B (H) U15A U15B U14A U14B (A) departing at 12:00 
01/12/201815:15Girls' Hockey v Bristol GS: 3rd, 4th (H) U14A, U14B (A) departing at 13:30 
02/12/2018 Advent 1 
02/12/2018 Girls' Indoor Hockey: U18 Indoor Tournament 
02/12/201808:00-17:00Gold DofE training walk (Morocco students not on Ten Tors to attend)Dartmoor
02/12/201809:00Fives: Colquhoun Trophy at Sherborne: 1st, U16, U15, U14 (A) 
02/12/201810:30No Service in Chapel 
02/12/201811:30-12:30School brunch 
03/12/2018 ABRSM Music examinations start today until 5th December 
03/12/2018 Year 12 Politics pupils and Phoenix Society trip to the Houses of Parliament and the Supreme Court 
03/12/201809:00Activities and Games sign up with tutors 
03/12/201814:05-14:55Onatti Theatre Productions 'El Viejo Saloon' for Year 9 Spanish pupilsOndaatje Hall
03/12/201819:00-21:30International Games eveningSports Hall
04/12/201808:30Exam data entered for Years 9 and 10 
04/12/201808:30Year 9 AssemblyOndaatje Hall
04/12/201817:30Quiet Time followed by Holy Communion/Evening Prayer at 18:10Lady Chapel
05/12/201807:40Holy CommunionLady Chapel
05/12/201812:00-15:00OB Winter Lunch: Speaker - Mrs Heather Corden (Drama Teacher 2001 to date) 'My Rwanda Trip'Beale Centre
05/12/201814:00-18:00GCSE Drama Exam: group extract Year 11Ondaatje Hall
05/12/201814:00Basketball Winter League "Final Four" TournamentSports Hall
05/12/201814:45Girls Hockey v Bristol GS: U15A (A) departing at 12:45 
05/12/201815:30Girls' Hockey v Mount Kelly: U13A U13B U13C (H)  
05/12/201815:45Girls' Hockey v Bristol GS: 1st (A) departing at 12:45TBC
06/12/2018 Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, c.326 
06/12/2018 Christmas Jumper Day in aid of CHAT 
06/12/201812:00Monetary Policy Competition for Years 12 and 13 Economics and Business pupilsWellington School
06/12/201817:00-17:30Year 10 Parents' Academic ForumOndaatje Hall
06/12/201817:30Year 10 Parents' MeetingBig School
06/12/201817:30Chamber Choir to sing at Ashfords Solicitors Christmas Drinks 
07/12/2018 Trinity Music Examinations 
07/12/201808:30Year 13 AssemblyOndaatje Hall
07/12/201816:00Prep School Festival of Carols with invited local schoolsChapel
07/12/201819:15Film Night in aid of Exeter Leukaemia FundOndaatje Hall
08/12/201811:00Girls Hockey v Colstons: U12A U12B (H) U13A U13B (A) departing at 09:15 
08/12/201813:00Girls' Hockey v Colstons: 2nd U15A (H)  
08/12/201814:00Basketball House MatchesSports Hall
08/12/201814:15Girls' Hockey v Colstons: 1st 3rd (H) TBC
08/12/201814:15Rugby v Cheltenham College: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th U14A U14B (H) U16A U16B U15A U15B (A) departing at 11:30 
08/12/201814:30Girls Hockey v Colstons: U14A (A) departing at 12:45 
08/12/201814:30Rugby v Sidcot: U12A, U12B (H) 
08/12/201819:00-23:00Blundells Community Black Tie Dinner: 'Celebration of 150 years of Rugby' Big School and Dining Hall
09/12/2018 Advent 2 
09/12/201817:45Choir rehearsalChapel
09/12/201819:00Advent Carol Service - all parents welcome 
10/12/2018 Human Rights Day 
10/12/201811:30-12:45Rehearsal for Prep School Carol serviceChapel
10/12/201814:30Years 9 - 11 Rugby House Matches 
10/12/201814:30Years 9 - 10 Hockey House Matches 
10/12/201817:30Blundell's Prep School Carol ServiceChapel
10/12/201818:30School House Christmas Supper followed by Disco in the Gym 
10/12/201819:00Supper for Years 9 - 13 
11/12/2018 No service in Chapel today 
11/12/201811:00SH Inter House Rugby and Hockey Tournaments 
11/12/201814:00Years 12 - 13 Rugby House Matches 
11/12/201814:00Years 11 - 13 Hockey House Matches 
11/12/201814:45School House Carol ServiceChapel
11/12/201814:45Senior School Carol Service (pupils only) Chapel
11/12/201816:00School House term ends 
11/12/201819:30Senior School Christmas Supper 
12/12/2018 Please note that the school minibuses will not run this afternoon 
12/12/201807:30Pupils' transport to Heathrow Airport departs 
12/12/201807:40Holy CommunionLady Chapel
12/12/201809:00Inter House Tug of War and Inter House Campus Relay 
12/12/201810:00School Brunch 
12/12/201811:15Final assembly 
12/12/201812:00End of term for Years 9 - 13. School lunch available 
13/12/201812:00Trip to Berlin for pupils of German leaves todayleave from Big School car park
15/12/2018 IELTS exam: Departing 08:00Exeter College
16/12/201823:00Berlin trip returns