Events for: 29/04/2017  to 31/07/2017  (end of the current term)

29/04/2017 Year 12 Exams end 
29/04/201711:30Cricket v King's College Taunton: 1st (H)  
29/04/201714:00Cricket v King's College Taunton: 3rd, U15A, U15B (H) 2nd, U14A, U14B (A) departing 12:50 
29/04/201714:00Athletics: Lutra Shield U20 Boys at Yeovil departing 12:15 
29/04/201714:00Girls' Tennis v King's College Taunton: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th (H) U15A U15B U14A U14B (A) Departing 13:00 
29/04/201714:00Girls' Rounders v Millfield: U13A U13B U12A U12B (H)  
29/04/201714:30Athletics: King's Bruton Open Meeting: Girls O16, U16; Boys U16 dparting 12:30 
29/04/2017All dayEquestrian: Schools' Showjumping Championships at The Grange Equestrian Centre until 30th April 
01/05/201708:40Latin Prayer in Chapel until the end of term 
01/05/201712:50Blundell's Strategy Group MeetingBeale Centre
01/05/201717:30Senior Leadership Team MeetingBeale Centre
01/05/201719:00Piano ConcertChapel
02/05/2017 GCSE Exams start today 
02/05/201708:50-10:10Year 10 Biology Standardisation Paper in Big School. Non Biologists to B1Big School
02/05/201709:00-15:30GCE Fine Art and Photography Practical Examination session 1Art Department
02/05/201710:30Athletics - Exeter Area Schools' Trials: Years 7 - 11 at Exeter Arena 
02/05/201713:00Gorton House Photograph 
02/05/201713:30Francis House Photograph 
02/05/201713:30BCS Practical ExamPopham Centre
02/05/201716:00Cricket v Bramdean: U14B (H)  
02/05/201716:30Girls' Tennis v Wellington School: 1st 2nd (A) departing 15:50 
02/05/201718:10Holy Communion/Evening PrayerLady Chapel
02/05/201719:00Year 12 Devised Play Dress rehearsalOndaatje Hall
03/05/201708:50-10:10Study Skills Lecture for Years 7 and 8Ondaatje Hall
03/05/201709:00-15:30GCE Fine Art and Photography Practical Examination session 2Art Department
03/05/201711:00Cricket v MCC: 1st (H)  
03/05/201711:10-12:30Year 10 Chemistry Standardisation Paper in Big School. Non Chemists to C1Big School
03/05/201712:30OBs and Parents' Cricket Summer LunchBeale Centre
03/05/201713:00-15:30National Apprenticeship Show at Westpoint, Exeter. Optional for Years 11-13 departing 12:30Westpoint
03/05/201714:00Cricket v St Peter's Lympstone: U12A (H) U13A (A) Departing 13:00 
03/05/201714:00Boys' Tennis v Wellington School: 1st 2nd (H)  
03/05/201715:45Girls' Rounders v St Peter's Lympstone: U13A U13B (H)  
03/05/201717:00Albion Quartet Workshop - School House Music Scholars to Exeter Cathedral departing 15:20Exeter Cathedral
04/05/201708:50-10:10Year 10 Physics Standardisation Paper in Big School. Non Physicists to P1Big School
04/05/201709:00-15:30GCE A Level Fine Art and Photography practical session 3Art Department
04/05/201709:00-12:00GCSE Music Creative Task Examination 
04/05/201715:30Cricket v Wellington School: U13A (H) U12A (A) departing 15:15 
04/05/201716:00Girls Cricket v Clifton College: U15 (H)  
04/05/201716:30Boys' and Girls' Swimming v Taunton School: U18 U16 (A) departing 15:45 
04/05/201718:00Cricket: Common Room v Post Office CC (H) 
04/05/201719:00Year 12 Devised Play Exam PerformanceOndaatje Hall
04/05/2017All dayGCE A level German Oral examinations.MFL
05/05/2017 Ten Tors Event - teams depart. Return Sunday 7th MayDartmoor
05/05/201709:00-14:15GCE Fine Art and Photography Practical Examination Extra Time SessionArt Department
05/05/201709:00LCO Music Junction ConcertCadogan Hall, London
05/05/201713:30MCC Girls' Cricket Tournament (A) departing 12:35King's Taunton
05/05/201719:30Charity Quiz night in aid of StarlightBig School**
05/05/2017All dayEquestrian: Schools' Showjumping Championship Finals at The Grange Equestrian Centre 
06/05/2017 Leave Weekend 
06/05/201711:30Cricket v Millfield: 1st (A) departing 09:30 
06/05/201713:00-14:00Second-hand clothes shop open 
06/05/201713:30Girls' Rounders v King's Hall: u13A, U13B, U12A, U12B (A) departing 12:30 
06/05/201714:00Boys' Tennis v Sherborne: 1st, 2nd, 3rd (H) 
06/05/201714:00Cricket v Millfield: 2nd, 3rd, U14A, U14B (H) U15A, U15B (A) departing 12:30 
06/05/201714:00Athletics: Millfield Super 8s: Boys O16, U16, Girls O16, U16 departing 12:15 
06/05/2017All dayThe Tors - The Event 
07/05/2017 Leave Weekend 
07/05/201711:30-12:30School Brunch 
13/05/201714:00Boys Tennis v Clifton College: 1st 2nd 3rd (A) departing 12:45 
14/05/201719:00Petergate School ServiceChapel
14/05/2017All dayBlundell's Canoe Club: South West Schools Championships - Exeter Canoe Club  
15/05/2017 Years 7 and 8 Exams end 
15/05/2017 AS and A2 Level Exams begin 
15/05/201713:40-15:00Year 11 Chemistry revision session 
15/05/201714:00-15:00Year 11 Latin revision session 
15/05/201715:00-16:00Year 11 Biology revision session 
15/05/201716:00Save the Children Tennis Tournament: U13, U12 (H) 
15/05/201717:30Senior Leadership Team MeetingBeale Centre
17/05/201713:00Cricket v Royal Marines: 1st (H)  
17/05/201713:30Charity Car Wash (MGL tutor group)Visitor's Car Park
17/05/201713:30Girls' Cricket v Millfield Prep: SH 1st and 2nd (H)  
17/05/201714:15Cricket v Sherborne Prep: U13A (H)  
17/05/201714:30-16:30US Universities Fair in Taunton. optional for Years 11 - 13 departing 14:00Taunton
18/05/201708:50-10:10Year 10 Study Skills SeminarOndaatje Hall
18/05/201711:15-12:35Year 9 Study Skills SeminarOndaatje Hall
18/05/201712:00-14:00Casual Drinks Reception at the Blundell's Stand - Devon County Show 
18/05/201714:00-15:15Year 11 English revision session 
18/05/201716:00Athletics: Exeter Schools v East Devon Schools (selected athletes) at Exeter Arena. departing 14:50 
18/05/201716:15Girls' Tennis v West Buckland: U13A U13B U12A U12B (H)  
18/05/201718:00Cricket: Common Room v Butterleigh CC (H) 
19/05/201710:30-12:00Year 11 PE revision session 
19/05/201713:40GCSE Music Samba Workshop for Year 10 
19/05/201714:00Blundell's Prep School's Athletics Meet- Boys' and Girls' U13 (H) 
19/05/201717:30-20:00Art Champagne Celebration EveningArt Department
19/05/201718:00Sixth Form Languages Cultural Evening 
20/05/201708:45IELTS Examination at Exeter CollegeExeter College
20/05/201709:00-16:00DofE Bronze Assessed Expedition to Porlock for selected students until 21st MayPorlock
20/05/201711:30Cricket v Clifton College: 1st (A) departing 09:30 
20/05/201714:00Cricket v Clifton College: 2nd, 3rd, U14A, U14B (H) U15A, U15B (A) departing 12:30 
20/05/201714:00Cricket v East Devon U13: U13A (H)  
20/05/201714:00Athletics: 11 Schools Meet at Millfield: Girls O16, U16; Boys O17, U17, U15 departing 12:15 
20/05/201714:00Girls' Rounders v Taunton Prep: U13A U13B U12A U12B (H)  
20/05/201714:00Girls' Tennis v Taunton School: 1st 2nd 3rd U15A U15B U14A U14B (H)  
20/05/201714:00Boys' and Girls' Swimming v King's Taunton: U18 U16 (A) departing 13:00 
28/05/2017 Equestrian: Eventers' Challenge Championships at Hickstead until 29th May 
29/05/2017 Half Term 
04/06/2017 Senior Boarders should return between 18:00 - 21:00 unless by prior arrangement with the relevant Housemaster or Housemistress. 
04/06/2017 Half term ends 
04/06/201717:30School House Boarders should return between 18:00 - 20:00 unless by prior arrangement. 
05/06/201708:30Year 13 exam leave starts today 
05/06/201710:10-11:55Year 11 English Language revision session 
05/06/201714:00-15:00Year 11 Classical Civilisation revision session 
05/06/201715:00-16:30Year 11 Geography revision session 
05/06/201715:45-17:30Year 12 Personal Statement and CV workshopOndaatje Hall followed by IT rooms
05/06/201719:30-21:00International EveningBeale Centre
06/06/2017 Selected staff for First Aid training until 8th June 
06/06/201711:00Athletics: Track and Field Cup South West Finals at Exeter Arena for qualifying pupils in Years 7 - 10 
06/06/201718:10-18:30Holy Communion/Evening PrayerLady Chapel
07/06/201710:00NQT Regional MeetingBeale Centre
07/06/201714:30Cricket v Bramdean School: U12B (H)  
07/06/201714:30Cricket v Uffculme: U14A (H)  
07/06/201715:00Girls' Rounders v Exeter Cathedral School: U13A U12A (A) Departing 14:00 
07/06/201716:30Girls' Swimming v The Maynard: U15 U13 (H)  
07/06/2017All dayLCO Music Junction ShowcaseBirmingham International Conference Centre
08/06/2017 Blundell's Stand at the Royal Cornwall Show until 10th JuneWadebridge, Cornwall
08/06/201712:35School House Recitations for the Will Silk TrophyOndaatje Hall
08/06/201712:40Blundell's Prayer GroupLady Chapel
08/06/201713:30-14:30Year 11 Biology revision session 
08/06/201714:30-16:00Year 11 Music revision session 
08/06/201715:45Cricket v Uffculme: U13A (H)  
08/06/201718:00Cricket: Common Room v Uffculme School staff (H) 
09/06/2017 School Exams for Years 9 and 10 begin today until 13th June 
09/06/201708:50-10:50Year 7 Drama Festival 
09/06/201713:00Lunchtime ConcertVaughan Williams Room
09/06/201714:30-16:00Year 8 Drama Festival 
09/06/201719:00-20:00Blundell's Summer Fashion CollectionOndaatje Hall
09/06/201719:30-22:30Sir Francis Popham Society Dinner (by invitation)Beale Centre
10/06/201709:00Athletics: Devon Schools' Championships (selected athletes) at Exeter Arena 
10/06/201710:10-11:55Year 11 Maths revision session 
10/06/201710:45Year 8 Introduction to Houses 
10/06/201711:30Cricket v Queen's College Taunton: 1st (H)  
10/06/201714:00Cricket v Queen's College Taunton: U14A, U13B, U12A (H) 2nd, U15A, U15B, U13A (A) departing 12:50 
10/06/201714:00Girls' Tennis v Mount Kelly: U14, U13, U12 (H) 
10/06/201714:00Mixed Tennis v Mount Kelly: 1st (H) 
10/06/201714:30Tennis v West Buckland: U15, U14 (H)  
11/06/201710:30School Service 
12/06/201709:00-11:00Year 11 Religious Studies revision session 
12/06/2017All weekYear 8 "Islands2 Cross-curricular ProjectGym and other venues
13/06/2017 School exams for Years 9 and 10 finish 
13/06/2017 Year 12 Cambridge Chemistry Challenge all week in Chemistry lessons 
13/06/201712:35Heads of Department ForumBlundell House
13/06/201714:00-16:00Year 11 Chemistry revision session 
14/06/201707:40Holy CommunionLady Chapel
14/06/201714:00SH Rounders v All Hallows(H)  
14/06/201714:00-16:00Year 11 D&T RM revision session 
14/06/201714:00SH Boys' Cricket v All Hallows (H) 
14/06/201719:15Phoenix Society (Years 9 and 10): Rat Dissection in B1 
15/06/2017 Pilbo Crazy Tie Day in aid of FORCE Cancer Charity 
15/06/201709:00-10:00Year 11 Classical Civilisation revision session (also 10:15 - 11:15) 
15/06/201709:00-15:30Year 10 GCSE Geography data collection on the Devon coast 
15/06/201711:15-12:35Year 11 Physics revision session 
15/06/201714:30Year 9 pupils to see 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time' at the Bristol Hippodrome departing 12:35Bristol Hippodrome, Bristol
15/06/201715:45-20:00Open viewing of "Artforce" OB and Staff Art Exhibition until 2nd JulyOndaatje Hall
15/06/201716:15Girls' Tennis v Wellington School: U13A U13B U12A U12B (H)  
15/06/201718:00Pilgrims' Holy Communion followed by dinner in the Beale Centre 
15/06/201718:00Cricket: Common Room v Heathcoat CC 'Old Codgers' XI (H) 
16/06/201708:30-14:30Culm Valley Heads CVSSA meetingBeale Centre
16/06/201713:00Safeguarding TrainingSecond Master's Study
16/06/201714:15-16:15Year 10 Drama GCSE AssessmentsOndaatje Hall
16/06/201714:30Blundell's Prayer GroupBradleigh House
16/06/201715:00Year 8 "Islands" Cross-curricular presentation to parentsOld Gym
16/06/2017All dayYear 9 Cross-curricular Chemistry and Geography trip to the Jurassic Coast 
16/06/2017All dayGovernors' meetingBlundell House
17/06/2017 Old Blundellian Day - President: The Lord Lieutenant of Devon - David Fursdon 
17/06/2017 Leave Weekend 
17/06/2017 IELTS at Exeter CollegeExeter College
17/06/201709:00Athletics: South West Schools' Championships (selected athletes) at Exeter Arena 
17/06/201709:30Choir rehearsal for OB service 
17/06/201711:00Old Blundellian Day Service: Preacher - Ali Deighton-GibsonChapel
17/06/201711:00Girls' Rounders v Exeter School: U13A/B U12A U12B (H)  
17/06/201711:30Cricket v Exeter School: 1st (A) departing 10:15 
17/06/201712:00Staff drinks with Old BlundelliansBeale Centre
17/06/201713:00-14:00Second Hand Clothes Shop open 
17/06/201714:00Cricket v Exeter School: 2nd U15A U14B U13A U13B U12B (H) U14A U12A (A) Departing 13:00 
17/06/201714:00Athletics: Millfield Open Meeting - Girls O16, U16; Boys O17, U17, U15 departing 12:15 
18/06/2017 No service in Chapel 
18/06/201711:30-12:30School Brunch 
18/06/2017All day-16:00DofE Bronze Assessed Expedition to Porlock for selected Year 10 students until 19th JunePorlock
19/06/2017 Field Day 
19/06/2017 Year 11 Work Experience begins until 29th June 
19/06/201712:00-16:00Year 6 Induction Day 
19/06/201713:40-15:40Year 11 D&T GP revision sessionBeale Centre
19/06/2017All day-16:45Year 7 - Dynamic Adventure Day at Dartington departing 08:45Dartington
19/06/2017All day-16:45Year 9 - CCF St John's Ambulance First Aid AwardSchool
19/06/2017All day-16:45Year 12 - Leadership and Team BuildingSchool
19/06/2017All dayYear 8 - Starchaser ExperienceBig School
19/06/2017All dayYear 10 - CCF Biennial InspectionSchool
20/06/2017 GCSE Exams finish today 
20/06/201708:50ABRSM Music Exams until 22nd JuneMusic Department
20/06/201714:35-16:35Year 10 Drama GCSE AssessmentsOndaatje Hall
21/06/201707:40Holy CommunionLady Chapel
21/06/201708:00-17:00Year 10 Masterclass and Space Careers Event at the National Space Centre, Leicester until 22nd JuneNational Space Centre, Leicester
21/06/201714:00Golf v Stover(H)  
21/06/201714:30Girls' Cricket v The Downs School: SH 1st (H)  
21/06/201714:30Cricket v The Downs School: U13A U12A (H)  
21/06/2017All daySpeech & Drama ExaminationsBeale Centre
22/06/201713:00-14:35Year 10 Drama GCSE AssessmentsOndaatje Hall
22/06/201715:45Cricket v Uffculme: U12A, U12B (H)  
22/06/201717:00Year 8 French Camp to Normandy until 26th June  
22/06/201718:00Cricket v Heathcoat CC: 1st (A) departing 17:30 
22/06/201718:00Save the Children Tennis Tournament: Ladies and Mens' DoublesTennis Courts
22/06/2017All daySpeech & Drama ExaminationsBeale Centre
23/06/2017 Trinity Music Exams all day 
23/06/201711:45Prep School OB Parents' LunchBeale Centre
23/06/201713:00Physics Trip to CERN, Geneva. Returns 25th June 
23/06/201714:15-16:15Year 10 Drama GCSE AssessmentsOndaatje Hall
23/06/201717:30-19:30North Close Garden Party 
23/06/201719:00Summer Charity Concert for Tiverton MuseamBig School**
24/06/201711:30Cricket v Sherborne: 1st (A) Departing 09:30 
24/06/201712:00-16:00CCF Summer CampOkehampton Battle Camp
24/06/201714:00Cricket v East Devon U12: U12A (H)  
24/06/201714:00Cricket v Sherborne: 2nd (H) 3rd U15A U15B (A) departing 12:20 
24/06/201714:00Boys' Tennis v Queen's College Taunton: 1st 2nd (H)  
25/06/201710:00-16:00Borneo Expedition Build Up DayP2
25/06/201710:30Save the Children Tennis Tournament: Mixed DoublesTennis Courts
25/06/201719:00School ServiceChapel
26/06/201708:50Year 12 draft personal statement/CV deadline 
26/06/201708:50Tutor period: Years 7 - 10 and 12 to Tutors to review reports 
26/06/201709:00-16:30Year 6 Play Technical RehearsalOndaatje Hall
26/06/201712:35Senior Leadership Team meetingBeale Centre
26/06/201714:15-15:35Onatti Theatre Productions: "Le Café" for Year 9 French students 
26/06/201717:35House Masters and Mistresses' meetingBowring Room
26/06/201722:00Year 8 Camp returns from France 
27/06/2017 New staff Induction DayBeale Centre
27/06/201708:30-17:20Year 9 Latinists to the Roman Baths at BathBath
27/06/201709:00-12:45Year 6 Play Dress RehearsalOndaatje Hall
27/06/201713:40Year 8 review reports with tutors 
27/06/201717:30Common Room meeting 
27/06/201718:00Phoenix Society DinnerBig School
28/06/201707:40Holy CommunionLady Chapel
28/06/201708:00-17:00History trip to the Chalke Valley History FestivalChalke Valley, Wiltshire
28/06/201713:00Cricket v Devon County Schools U13 Final 
28/06/201714:00-16:30Athletics: Years 7 to 10 Sports Day 
28/06/201716:45Drinks for Year 7 ParentsBlundell House
28/06/201719:00Year 6 Play "Dr Dolittle"Ondaatje Hall
29/06/2017 A Level exams finish today 
29/06/201713:30Cricket v Old Blundellian CC T20: 1st (H)  
29/06/201719:00Year 6 Play "Dr Dolittle"Ondaatje Hall
30/06/2017 Normal timetable until lunchtime 
30/06/2017 Year 11 pupils return to school 
30/06/201709:15Blundell's Prep School Leavers' ServiceChapel
30/06/201709:30All SH prize winners to meet in the Marquee 
30/06/201711:30All Year 13 to be in school 
30/06/201713:30Cricket v Staff: 3rd XI (H) 
30/06/201714:00School House Swimming Gala 
30/06/201716:00Senior Swimming Gala 
30/06/2017EveningSenior Houses and School House Boarder's Barbecues 
01/07/2017 Please note that the school minibuses will not run this afternoon 
01/07/2017 Speech Day 
01/07/2017 TERM ENDS after Speech Day and Prize Giving 
01/07/201707:30Pupils' transport to Heathrow Airport departs 
01/07/201709:15Years 9 - 13 Prize Winners' rehearsal 
01/07/201710:30School Service for Years 9 - 13Chapel
01/07/201712:15Year 12 parents and pupils: Introduction to WestlakeBig School
01/07/201712:45Year 12 parents and pupils: Picnic in the Arboretum 
01/07/201713:15House Roll Call 
01/07/201713:30All School House pupils to be in school 
01/07/201713:30Big Band to play in the Marquee 
01/07/201714:30Prize Giving: Guest Speaker - The Reverend David Stanton, Canon Treasurer of Westminster Abbey 
01/07/201719:30-23:00Leavers' BallMarquee, Big Field
02/07/2017 Borneo Expedition Departs Returns July 25: Departing 05:00Borneo
07/07/2017 Athletics: English Schools' Championships (selected athletes) at Birmingham 
08/07/2017 Athletics: English Schools' Championships (selected athletes) at Birmingham 
08/07/2017 Trip to the Wimbledon All England Tennis Club 
22/07/2017 Blundell's Stand at the Mid Devon Show at Knightshayes, Tiverton