Events for: 20/08/2017  to 31/12/2017  (end of the current term)

30/08/201710:00-12:30Rugby: pre-season training for 1st XV and 2nd XV squadBig Field
31/08/201710:00-12:30Rugby: pre-season training for 1st XV and 2nd XV squadBig Field
01/09/201710:00-12:30Rugby: pre-season training for 1st XV and 2nd XV squadBig Field
03/09/2017All dayKing Edward VI School, Southampton Rugby Festival: 1st XV selected squad at Wellington Sports Ground, Southampton departing 07:00Wellington Sports Ground Southampton
04/09/201717:00-19:00Senior Girls' pre-season Hockey training 
05/09/201711:00-12:30Rugby: pre-season training for 1st XV squadBig Field
05/09/201713:00-17:00Girls' Hockey 1st XI pre-season matches v Exeter School and Marlborough College 
06/09/201710:00-12:00Rugby: 1st XV pre-season training 
06/09/201710:00-15:40International Students Induction Day 
06/09/201710:30-12:00Girls' Hockey pre-season training: U14A, U15A 
06/09/201711:00Induction Day for Year 7 
06/09/201711:00-12:30Girls' Hockey pre-season training: 1st, 2nd 
06/09/201716:00New pupils' teas in Houses 
06/09/201717:00Head's meeting with parents of new pupils in Years 9 - 13 
06/09/201719:00Monitors' DinnerBlundell House
07/09/2017 Term begins 
07/09/201708:15-09:00Coffee Morning hosted by the FOBs Social CommitteeBeale Centre
07/09/201708:25School Monitors' MeetingFOBs Room
07/09/201713:00Choir RehearsalChapel
07/09/201716:00-17:30PSHE: 'New Beginnings' a talk by Jonathan White for Years 11, 12 and 13 except members of Chamber Choir Big School
07/09/201716:15School House Games 
07/09/201719:00-21:00Five Years Out: Casual London Drinks ReceptionLondon Victoria
08/09/2017 Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary 
08/09/201712:35House Captains of Music lunchMasters' Dining Room
08/09/201712:40-13:40Staff-student book groupBeale Centre
09/09/201711:15-12:30School House Rugby Trials for Years 7 and 8 
09/09/201712:0025 Year Reunion LunchBig School
09/09/201714:00Rugby Trials for Years 9 - 13 
09/09/201714:30Girls' Hockey v Clifton College: 1st 3rd (H) U15A U15B (A) departing 12:30 
09/09/201715:30Girls' Hockey v Clifton College: U14A, U14B (A) departing 13:45 
09/09/201715:45Girls' Hockey v Clifton College: 2nd 4th (H)  
10/09/2017 Trinity 13 
10/09/201708:00 departsSurf Ski race Poole Harbour
10/09/201710:30School Service Preacher: The Head 
10/09/201716:00Plymouth Aquathlon at Plymouth Sound for selected pupils 
10/09/2017All dayEquestrian: SJ NSEA Qualifier at Bicton Arena 
10/09/2017pmAdventure and Leadership 
11/09/2017 Chapel Duty: P 
11/09/2017 Year 13 Futures programme beginsIT2
11/09/2017 launch of the Travel Photography Competition: entries close on 29th SeptemberAR2
11/09/201713:15Art Scholars' MeetingAR4
12/09/2017 Year 13 Chemistry Spectroscopy TourUniveristy of Bristol
12/09/201712:00-15:001604 Society Lunch 
12/09/201713:00North Close House Photo 
12/09/201713:30Petergate House Photo 
12/09/201719:00-21:00Class of 2016 Tiverton Drinks Reception: contact the Development Office for details  
13/09/201707:40Holy CommunionLady Chapel
13/09/201708:30 departsYear 12 Fine Art and Photography Field Trip to Wells 
13/09/201712:50Year 13 and Year 9 Mentors' Introductory MeetingBig School
13/09/201714:303rd XV Rugby v Exeter School's 2nd XV (A) departing 13:00 
13/09/201715:00Girls Hockey v Exeter School: 3rd (A) departing 13:50 
13/09/201715:30Girls' Hockey v Exeter School: 1st 2nd (H)  
13/09/201716:00Rugby v Exeter Cathedral: U13A/B (H) 
13/09/201716:00Basketball v King's Taunton: 1st (A) departing 15:10 
13/09/201719:30-20:10Pilgrim's MeetingFOBs Room
14/09/2017 Holy Cross Day 
14/09/2017 Parent's Cricket Reception: Ted Crowe Room at Somerset County Cricket Club 
14/09/201713:00-14:00MidYIS/YELLIS testing for all pupils new to Years 8, 10 and 11D&T Department
14/09/201713:15Year 9 FH, P and OH individual photographs (except choir members and new pupils)IT3
15/09/201708:40Year 13 AssemblyOndaatje Hall
15/09/201708:50Deadline for amendments to Year 13 subject paragraphs for all applicants 
15/09/201712:35Music Scholars' Meeting and LunchBeale Centre
15/09/201719:00The Gorton Lecture Big School
16/09/2017 Finance and Accounting Professions ReceptionBig School
16/09/201710:30Rugby v Exeter School and Queens Taunton: U13A U13B (H)  
16/09/201710:30Girls' Hockey: U13 Invitational Tournament (H) 
16/09/201710:30Girls' Hockey: U12 TournamentMillfield Prep School
16/09/201714:15Girls Hockey v Canford: 1st, U15B (H) 3rd, U14A (A) departing 11:30 
16/09/201714:15Rugby v Kirkham Grammar and Sherborne: 1st XV (H)  
16/09/201714:15Rugby v Sherborne 2nd XV and Queens Taunton 1st XV: 2nd XV (H)  
16/09/201714:30Rugby v Sherborne 4th XV and 5th XV: 3rd XV 4th XV (H)  
16/09/201714:30Rugby v Sherborne and Queen's Taunton at Sherborne: U16A, U16B, U15A, U15B, U14A, U14B (A) departing 12:15 
16/09/201715:30Girls' Hockey v Canford: 2nd, U15A (H) 4th, U14B (A) departing 12:30 
17/09/2017 Trinity 14 
17/09/201706:30 DEPARTSGreenpower RaceCastle Combe
17/09/201709:45Choir Rehearsal for HarvestChapel
17/09/201711:00Harvest School Service for Years 7, 8 and 9 pupils and parents; Preacher - the Rev'd Tim Hunt, Chaplain followed by drinks reception in Ondaatje HallChapel
17/09/201712:15Harvest Lunch for parents and pupils in Year 7 and those new to Years 8 & 9Dining Hall
17/09/201712:30 departsYear 9 at the Williams Cup until Monday 18th September 
17/09/2017aLL DAY-17:00Ten Tors trainingExmoor
18/09/2017 Year 9 return from the Williams CupWimbleball Reservoir
18/09/2017 Chapel Duty: FH 
18/09/201708:50Deadline for Year 8 to complete the Roots and Wings project 
18/09/201713:00New Year 12 pupils to meet with Mr BailyBiology Lab 4
18/09/201713:40'Spectroscopy in a Suitcase' workshop for Year 13 Chemistry students 
19/09/201709:00 departs-17:00Year 7 Biology Day: Ecology Fieldwork at Goodrington Sands 
19/09/201713:00Reserve date for North Close House Photo 
19/09/201713:30Reserve date for Petergate House Photo 
20/09/201707:40Holy CommunionLady Chapel
20/09/201714:00-17:00GCSE Drama Exam - devised performanceOndaatje Hall
20/09/201714:30Rugby v Kingsley: 4th (H)  
20/09/201714:30Rugby Festival v Wellington and King's Taunton U15B (H) 
20/09/201715:30Girls' Hockey v Shebbear College: 1st (H)  
20/09/201715:30Girls' Hockey v Taunton Prep: U12A, U12B, U12C (H) U13A U13B U13C (A) departing 14:30 
20/09/201716:15Rugby v Exeter School: U12A U12B (A) departing 15:10 
20/09/201717:00Basketball v West Buckland: 1st (A) departing 15:10 
20/09/201719:00-21:00Year 12 Social DinnerBig School
21/09/2017 St Matthew, Apostle & Evangelist 
21/09/201709:00 departsYear 13 Ecological Field Studies Trip to Goodrington Sands 
21/09/201712:35-13:40Heads of Department ForumBlundell House
21/09/201716:00Rugby v West Buckland: U13A (H)  
21/09/201717:15'Making International University Applications' a talk by David Hawkins, Hawkins Global EducationOndaatje Hall
21/09/201718:00Year 12 tutors' meeting with parents in Houses 
22/09/201709:00 departsYear 12 Geography Field TripLyme Regis
22/09/201717:15Year 13 Academic Forum for pupils, parents and tutorsBig School and Ondaatje Hall
23/09/2017 Blundell's Senior School Open Morning 
23/09/201711:00Girls Hockey v Shebbear College: U15A (H) U13A, U12A (A) departing 09:15 
23/09/201711:00Girls' Hockey v Mount Kelly: U13B U12B (H)  
23/09/201713:00Girls' Hockey v Plymouth College: 3rd U15B (H)  
23/09/201714:00Girls' Hockey v Mount Kelly: 2nd (H) U14B (A) departing 11:45 
23/09/201714:30Rugby v King's College Taunton: 2nd U14A U14B (H) U16A U16B U15A U15B (A) departing 13:00 
23/09/201714:45Rugby v King's College Taunton: 1st XV (H)  
24/09/2017 Trinity 15 
24/09/2017 No service in chapel 
24/09/201707:00Kayak Racing Squad (KRS): Kayak Race Hasler FinalsRichmond
24/09/201709:00Golf v Old Blundellian'sTiverton Golf Club
24/09/2017All dayEquestrian: Blundell's One Day EventBicton Arena
24/09/2017All dayFives: Reichwald Tournament Beale Centre and Fives Courts
25/09/2017 Chapel Duty: GH 
25/09/2017 Year 11 Geography Field Trip to Bristol 
25/09/201708:50Year 13 early applicants to complete personal statement/UCAS form 
25/09/201712:50Blundell's Strategy Group MeetingBeale Centre
25/09/201716:15Rugby V Heathfied U14A V U14A/B (H) 
25/09/201717:30Senior Leadership Team MeetingBeale Centre
25/09/201717:30 departsClassics Department trip to see Sophocles' Antigone performed by the Actors of Dionysus Bristol Grammar School
25/09/201719:30-21:00International EveningFOBs Room
26/09/2017 European Day of Languages 
26/09/201708:40Year 9 AssemblyOndaatje Hall
26/09/201712:35Monitors' LunchFOBs Room
26/09/201713:00E-Safety Committee MeetingIT4
26/09/201714:00Phoenix Society trip to Flybe at Exeter Airport departing 13:30 
26/09/201716:15Rugby V Heathfied: U15A, U15A/B (H) 
26/09/201717:30Common Room Meeting 
26/09/201719:00-22:00RGS Lecture by Mike Tarver: 'The man who found Captain Scott'Ondaatje Hall**
26/09/201719:00-22:00Ten Years Out: Casual London Drinks ReceptionLondon
27/09/201707:40Holy CommunionLady Chapel
27/09/201713:00Golf: HMC Foursomes Round 1 (A) departing 11:00Sherborne
27/09/201713:00-16:00Resident Tutors' INSETBeale Centre
27/09/201713:15Girls' Hockey v King's College Taunton: 2nd (H)  
27/09/201714:30Rugby v Exeter School: U16A (H)  
27/09/201716:00Rugby v Uffculme: U13A (H)  
27/09/201716:00Rugby v West Buckland: U12A (A) departing 14:45 
27/09/201720:00-22:30MFL Film NightFOBs Room
28/09/2017 Home Clothes Day in aid of the Laos Project 
28/09/201709:30-12:00Drama: devised workshop with Paperbirds for Years 12 and 13 drama studentsOndaatje Hall
28/09/201713:00-15:30Drama: devised workshop with Paperbirds for Years 10 and 11 drama studentsOndaatje Hall
28/09/201713:00Year 13 Tutors' LunchMaster's Dining Room
28/09/201716:30School House Teatime ConcertOndaatje Hall
28/09/201717:15Year 7 Parents' informal drinks with Year 7 teachersOndaatje Hall
29/09/2017 School Photograph 
29/09/2017 Michael & All Angels 
29/09/201708:40Year 13 AssemblyOndaatje Hall
29/09/201719:00-23:00Year 12 Parents' Dinner hosted by FOBs Social CommitteeHeathcoat Cricket Club
29/09/201719:00English, History and Politics DinnerBig School
29/09/201719:30A-Level Music: Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra concert at Exeter University departing 18:00Exeter University Great Hall
30/09/2017 IELTS examExeter College
30/09/201713:00Girls' Hockey v Exeter School: U12A , U12B (H) U13A, U13B (A) 13:30 departing 12:20 
30/09/201714:30Girls' Hockey v Cheltenham College: U15A, U15B (H) 2nd, 4th (A) departing 12:00 
30/09/201714:30Rugby v Truro School: 1st, 2nd, U16A, U16B, U12A, U12B (H) U15A, U15B U14A, U14B, U13A (A) departing 11:20 
30/09/201714:30Rugby v Kingswood: 3rd, 4th (A) departing 12:10 
30/09/201715:30Girls' Hockey v Cheltenham College: U14A, U14B (H) 3rd (A) departing 13:00 
30/09/201715:45Girls' Hockey v Cheltenham College: 1st (A) departing 13:00 
30/09/2017All dayEquestrian: NSEA QualifierBicton Arena
01/10/2017 Equestrian: NSEA National Arena Eventing QualifierBicton Arena
01/10/2017 Trinity 16 
01/10/201714:00 departsKRS: Gloucester Hasler FinalGloucester
01/10/201719:00School Service 
01/10/2017All dayCCF Field Day / Bronze DofE ExpeditionTiverton
01/10/2017pmAdventure and Leadership 
02/10/2017 Chapel Duty: OH 
02/10/2017 Field Day 
02/10/2017 08.50 UCAS tutor references completed for early applicants 
02/10/201713:30-15:40Girls' Hockey: U14 Area Round Tournament (H)Blundell's School
02/10/201716:00Year 13 non-early applicants to complete personal statement/UCAS forms 
02/10/201717:35House Masters and Mistresses' MeetingBowring Room
02/10/2017All dayCSI day for visiting Prep Schools - selected Year 13 students to assist 
02/10/2017All dayBritish Popular Music lecture and trip to the Australian Pink FloydColston Hall, Bristol
02/10/2017All dayYear 7 - Art Activity Day 
02/10/2017All dayYear 8 - Cheddar Gorge 
02/10/2017All dayYear 9 - Islands Project revisited 
02/10/2017All dayYear 10 - CCF/DofE 
02/10/2017All dayYear 11 - Learn a new skill 
02/10/2017All dayYear 12 - Endurance event 
03/10/201708:40Latin Prayer in Chapel 
03/10/201714:00-16:00Girls' Hockey: U16 Area Round Tournament (A) departing 12:40Exeter School
03/10/201717:30Heads of Department MeetingBeale Centre
04/10/201707:40Holy CommunionLady Chapel
04/10/201713:30-15:45Girls' Hockey: U18 County Tournament (H)Blundell's School
04/10/201714:00Basketball v Richard Huish 2nds: 1st (A) departing 13:00 
04/10/201719:15Phoenix Society: Dogfish DissectionBiology Department
04/10/201719:30-21:00The Moon FestivalFOBs Room
05/10/2017 Launch of Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Appeal - boxes to be handed in by 1st November 
05/10/2017 Netball: U16 National Schools' Tournament 
05/10/201712:40Blundell's Prayer Group MeetingLady Chapel
05/10/201714:20U16 National Schools' Netball Tournament departing 13:00St. Peter's School
05/10/201716:00-18:00'Teamworking' - a talk by Ian Curry for selected Year 12 studentsBeale Centre
06/10/201708:30ESU 'Discover Your Voice' WorkshopExeter
06/10/201708:30 departs-14:00Girls' Hockey: U14 County TournamentExeter University
06/10/201712:40-13:40Staff and student book groupBeale Centre
06/10/201713:00Lunchtime ConcertBig School Foyer
06/10/201717:30Introduction to the Sixth Form Evening for Year 11 parents and prospective parentsOndaatje Hall and Big School
07/10/2017 PADI Open Water Qualifying Dive 
07/10/2017 Leave Weekend 
07/10/201711:00Rugby v Wellington School: U13A U13B U12A (H)  
07/10/201713:00-14:00Second Hand Clothes Shop open 
07/10/201714:00Girls' Hockey v King's College Taunton: 1st 3rd (H) U15A U14A (A) 14:00 departing 12:45 
07/10/201714:30Rugby v Bryanston: 2nd 3rd 4th U15A U15B (H) U16A U16B U14A U14B (A) departing 10:30 
07/10/201714:45Rugby v Bryanston: 1st XV (H)  
07/10/201715:15Girls' Hockey v King's Taunton: 4th (H) U15B U14B (A) departing 13:45 
07/10/201719:0050 Year Anniversary of Big School Black Tie DinnerBig School
08/10/2017 Trinity 17 
08/10/2017 No service in chapel 
08/10/201711:30-12:30School Brunch 
08/10/201714:00-16:00American Universities SATs preparationBowring Room
09/10/2017 Chapel Duty: NC 
09/10/2017 Girls' Hockey: U18 West Prelim Round takes place this week 
09/10/201708:40Latin Prayer in Chapel 
09/10/201708:50Subject data to tutors for Years 7 - 13 
09/10/201708:50UCAS tutor references to be completed for non-early applicants 
09/10/201708:50-10:10Elevate Presentation to Year 12 'Student Elevation'Ondaatje Hall
09/10/201712:30-13:30Overseas University Fair for interested pupils in Years 10 - 13Beale Centre
09/10/201716:00-17:00EPQ PresentationsIT3
09/10/201716:00Visit of Professor Steve Cowley, Corpus Christi College, Oxford 
09/10/201716:30'What makes a successful Oxbridge applicant and student?' a talk for Sixth Form Oxbridge CandidatesBowring Room
09/10/201717:30Senior Leadership Team MeetingBeale Centre
09/10/201719:30Physics Lecture 'The Quest for Fusion Energy'Ondaatje Hall
10/10/201708:40Year 11 AssemblyOndaatje Hall
10/10/201709:00-16:00IAPS District 4 Meeting with Prep School HeadsBig School, Ondaatje Hall and Beale Centre
10/10/201712:35-13:40Heads of Department ForumBlundell House
10/10/201713:00School CouncilPopham Centre
10/10/201716:00Oxbridge mock interviews with Wellington School departing 15:30Popham Centre
11/10/201707:40Holy CommunionLady Chapel
11/10/201712:00-15:00OB Winter Lunch: Speaker - Douglas Rice (Master 1969-98)Beale Centre
11/10/201713:00Safeguarding TrainingSecond Master's Study
11/10/201713:30-15:45Girls' Hockey: U16 County TournamentBlundell's School
11/10/201714:00Netball: National Schools U14 TournamentBlundell's School
11/10/201716:00Rugby v Clyst Vale: U15A/B, U13A/B (H) 
11/10/201716:00Rugby v Clyst Vale and Uffculme: U12A/B (H) 
11/10/201716:00Basketball v Millfield: 1st (A) departing 15:10 
11/10/201717:30Phoenix Society: 'How Parliament Works'Bowring Room
11/10/201719:30Chamber Music Concert in Stoke Gabriel Church departing 13:30Stoke Gabriel
12/10/201707:00 departsYear 12 Politics pupils and Phoenix Society trip to Houses of Parliament and UK Supreme CourtLondon
12/10/201714:20Netball: U19 National Schools Netball Tournament (A)Clyst Vale
12/10/201716:00-17:00EPQ PresentationsIT3
12/10/201716:15Girls' Hockey v The Maynard: U13A U13B U12A U12B (H)  
13/10/201708:30Governors' meetingBeale Centre
13/10/201708:40Year 12 AssemblyOndaatje Hall
13/10/201708:50Tutor reports completed for Years 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 and 13Ondaatje Hall
13/10/201709:00-16:00House Music Competition: solo classesMusic Department
13/10/201717:00-17:30Year 9 Parents' Academic ForumOndaatje Hall
13/10/201717:30Year 9 Parents' MeetingBig School
14/10/201710:30Rugby V Kingswood, Bath and Beecham Cliff, Bath: U13A, U13B, U12A ,U12B (A) departing 08:15Kingswood School
14/10/201711:00Girls' Hockey v Wellington School: U13A U13B (H) U12A U12B (A) departing 10:00 
14/10/201712:30Girls' Hockey v Wellington School: U14B (A) departing 11:30 
14/10/201713:30Girls' Hockey v Wellington School: U14A (A) departing 12:20 
14/10/201714:00Girls' Hockey v Wellington School: 1st 3rd (H)  
14/10/201714:00Rugby v Canford: 1st XV (A) departing 10:20 
14/10/201714:30Rugby v Canford: U16A U16B U15A (H) 2nd 3rd U14A U14B (A) departing 10:20 
14/10/201714:30Girls' Hockey v Wellington: U15A (A) departing 13:15 
14/10/201715:15Girls' Hockey v Wellington School: 2nd 4th (H) U15B (A) departing 14:15 
14/10/201715:30Rugby v Canford: U15B (H) 
15/10/2017 Trinity 18 
15/10/201710:30School Service 
15/10/201711:30-15:30American Universities SATs preparationBowring Room
15/10/201715:00House Music Competition Technical RehearsalsBig School
15/10/201718:00House Music CompetitionBig School
15/10/201718:00UCAS deadline for early applicants 
16/10/2017 Chapel Duty: W 
16/10/201716:00-09:30Year 11 Morrisby Testing Computer Rooms
16/10/201716:15Rugby v Abingdon, Oxford: U14A, U14B (H) 
17/10/201708:40Year 10 AssemblyOndaatje Hall
17/10/201716:00-17:00Presentation to Parents of Year 8: 'Roots and Wings' ProjectsBig School
17/10/201716:15Girls' Hockey v The Maynard: 2nd (H)  
17/10/201717:15Girls' Hockey v The Maynard: U15A (H)  
17/10/201717:30-18:10Quiet TimeLady Chapel
17/10/201718:10Holy Communion / Evening PrayerLady Chapel
18/10/2017 Gold DofE Practice Expedition until 20th OctoberDartmoor
18/10/2017 Please note that the School minibuses will not run this afternoon 
18/10/2017 Luke the Evangelist 
18/10/201707:30Pupils' transport to Heathrow Airport 
18/10/201707:40Holy CommunionLady Chapel
18/10/201708:30 departsRugby Tournament at Plymouth College: 1st XV (A) 
18/10/201712:30Year 11 French Trip to Paris departs until 21st October 
18/10/201713:15Half term begins 
18/10/2017All day-18:00Silver DofE Practice Expedition until 20th OctoberLynton and Dunster
22/10/2017 Trinity 19 
23/10/2017 Half term 
28/10/2017 Simon & Jude, Apostles 
28/10/2017 IELTS examExeter College
29/10/2017 Last Sunday after Trinity 
29/10/2017 Half term ends 
29/10/2017 School House Boarders return between 18:00 - 20:00 unless by prior arrangement 
29/10/2017 Senior Boarders return between 18:00 - 21:00 unless by prior arrangement with the relevant House Master or House Mistress 
29/10/201707:00 departsKRS: River Fowey Hasler RaceFowey
30/10/2017 Chapel Duty: P 
30/10/2017 Year 12 Futures sessions beginIT2
30/10/201712:50Blundell's Strategy Group MeetingBeale Centre
30/10/201717:30Senior Leadership Team MeetingBeale Centre
30/10/2017All dayPublic Services and Armed Forces talks for Year 10 and above in PSHE lessonsOndaatje Hall
31/10/2017 Visit to the Careers Fair and Physics Masterclass for selected Year 12 pupils at the National Space Centre, LeicesterNational Space Center, Leicester
31/10/201707:00 departsYear Art Enrichment TripTate St Ives, Cornwall
31/10/201708:40Year 9 AssemblyOndaatje Hall
31/10/201717:15Morrisby training for Year 11 tutors tutorsIT3
01/11/2017 All Saints 
01/11/2017 Morrisby Testing: individual Year 11 interviews with tutors to be completed by 1st December 
01/11/2017 Deadline for Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes 
01/11/201707:40Holy CommunionLady Chapel
01/11/201714:00Rugby v Sherborne Prep School: U13A U13B U12A (A) departing 12:30 
01/11/201714:30Rugby v Uffculme: U15A U14A (H)  
01/11/201715:45Health and Safety Committee MeetingBeale Centre
01/11/201716:00Basketball v Quenn Elizabeth's, Crediton: 1st (A) departing 15:00 
02/11/2017 All Souls 
02/11/201709:00University Admissions TestsBig School
02/11/201713:00Welfare Committee MeetingSecond Master's Study
03/11/2017 Houseparents' Conference until Saturday 4th NovemberBeale Centre
03/11/201708:40Year 13 AssemblyOndaatje Hall
03/11/201719:40-20:00Year 12 Quiz NightBig School
04/11/201714:15Rugby v Clifton College: 2nd 3rd 4th U16A U16B (H)  
04/11/201714:30Rugby v Clifton College: 1st XV (H)  
04/11/201714:30Rugby v Clifton College: U15A U15B U14A U14B (A) departing 12:10 
05/11/2017 4th Sunday before Advent 
05/11/201719:00Old House School Service 
05/11/2017All day-18:00Ten Tors Training Walk on DartmoorDartmoor
06/11/2017 Chapel Duty: FH 
06/11/201709:00Girls' Hockey: U16 West Prelims Hockey Tournament  
06/11/201713:00New Year 12 pupils to meet with Mr BailyBiology 4
06/11/201716:00-17:00Sixth Form Lecture: 'Risk' by John HoskinsonBig School
06/11/201717:35House Masters and Mistresses' MeetingBowring Room
06/11/201719:00Francis House Play Dress and Technical RehearsalOndaatje Hall
06/11/201719:10-20:30Pilgrims' MeetingFOBs Room
07/11/2017 16+ Academic, Art, Drama and Sport ScholarshipsBig School
07/11/201707:45 departsGirls' Hockey: U14 West Final Tournament Clifton College
07/11/201708:40Year 11 AssemblyOndaatje Hall
07/11/201713:00E-Safety Committee MeetingIT4
07/11/201713:15JCC MeetingHead's Study
07/11/201716:00-17:30UK Senior Maths Challenge 
07/11/201717:30-18:10Quiet TimeLady Chapel
07/11/201718:10Holy Communion / Evening Prayer 
07/11/201719:00Fireworks Drinks Reception hosted by FOBs Parents' Social Committee 
07/11/201719:15-18:00Senior School Fireworks Display 
07/11/201719:30-23:00Year 13 Drama Trip to see 'The Tin Drum' at the Bristol Old Vic 
07/11/201720:00Mentor's Quiz: Year 9 and Year 13 MentorsBig School
08/11/2017 16+ Music Scholarships 
08/11/201707:40Holy CommunionLady Chapel
08/11/201711:30Exeter Area Cross Country Event for selected pupils  
08/11/201712:00-15:00OB Winter Lunch: Speaker - Nick Cooper (P 1963-67) 'HQ UNPROFOR Zagreb memories and Reflections'Beale Centre
08/11/201714:30Rugby V Wells Cathedral 1stXV: 2nd XV (H) 
08/11/201714:30Rugby V Mount Kelly and King's Hall: U13A (H) 
08/11/201714:30Rugby v King's Hall: U13B (H)  
08/11/201714:30Rugby v Mount Kelly: U12A (H)  
08/11/201715:30Girls' Hockey v King's Hall: U13A U13B (H)  
08/11/201719:00Music Scholars' ConcertOndaatje Hall**
08/11/201720:00-22:30MFL Film NightFOBs Room
09/11/201710:00NQT Regional MeetingBeale Centre
09/11/201710:20School Service for Years 7 - 10Chapel
09/11/201711:00Prayers followed by two minutes silence at the the School War Memorial (all members of the current school community are welcome) 
09/11/201712:35-13:40Heads of Department ForumBlundell House
09/11/201715:15Year 6 from Blundell's Prep to visit School House 
09/11/201719:00'You're not in this alone' - a Year 10 Parents' Discussion EveningBeale Centre
09/11/201719:00Charity Wine Tasting with the Jolly Vintner in aid of the UK Sepsis TrustBig School
09/11/201719:30Francis House PlayOndaatje Hall**
10/11/201708:40Year 13 AssemblyOndaatje Hall
10/11/201712:40-13:40Staff and student Book GroupBeale Centre
10/11/201713:00Safeguarding TrainingSecond Master's Study
10/11/201714:00The Alke Quartet: SH Music Scholars to Powderham CastlePowderham Castle
10/11/201714:30Blundell's Prayer Group MeetingBradleigh House
10/11/201717:00Chamber Choir sing Evensong at Truro Cathedral departing 12:35Truro Cathedral
10/11/201719:30Francis House PlayOndaatje Hall**
12/11/2017 Remembrance Sunday 
12/11/201709:15-16:00Choir Rehearsal Chapel
12/11/201710:30Remembrance Day School Service for Years 11 - 13: Preacher - The Reverend Tom Carson, Chaplain at Exeter School 
13/11/2017 Chapel Duty: GH 
13/11/201708:30-11:00Visit by International University Representatives - invited pupils in Year 11, 12 and 13 Beale Centre
13/11/201717:30Senior Leadership Team MeetingBeale Centre
13/11/201719:00-21:00Sixth Form Languages DinnerBig School
13/11/2017All weekKindness and Tolerance Week 
14/11/2017 National Schools' Netball Tournament - U19 County Round 
14/11/201708:40Year 10 AssemblyOndaatje Hall
14/11/201713:00School CouncilPopham Centre
14/11/201717:30Junior Public Speaking CompetitionBig School
14/11/201717:30Heads of Department MeetingBeale Centre
15/11/201707:40Holy CommunionLady Chapel
15/11/201714:00Rugby v St Peter's Lympstone: U13A (H)  
15/11/201714:00Girls' Hockey v Clifton Prep: SH 1st XI SH 2nd VII (A) departing 12:30 
15/11/201714:30Rugby v Whitchurch Cardiff: 1st XV (H)  
15/11/201714:50Girls' Hockey v Clifton Prep: SH 3rd VII (A) departing 12:30 
15/11/201717:30Senior Public Speaking CompetitionBig School
15/11/2017All daySpeech and Drama ExaminationsBeale Centre
16/11/201713:00-17:00House Masters and Mistresses' Away Day 
16/11/201715:50-17:10British Physics Olympiad Paper 1 for Year 13Physics Department
16/11/201717:00-17:30Year 7 Parents' Academic ForumOndaatje Hall
16/11/201717:30Year 7 Parents' MeetingBig School
16/11/2017All dayEmployability Event for Year 11MFL
16/11/2017All daySpeech & Drama ExaminationsBeale Centre
17/11/201708:40Year 12 AssemblyOndaatje Hall
17/11/201709:00 departs-14:00Borneo Expedition Lecture at Perrott Hill Prep SchoolPerrott Hill Prep School
17/11/201713:15Exeat Weekend begins until 19th November 
17/11/2017All dayGovernors' meetingBeale Centre
18/11/2017 Exeat Weekend 
19/11/2017 Exeat Weekend ends 
19/11/2017 School House Boarders return between 18:00 and 20:00 unless by prior arrangement 
19/11/2017 Senior Boarders return between 18:00 and 21:00 unless by prior arrangement with the relevant House Master or House Mistress 
19/11/2017 2nd Sunday before Advent 
19/11/2017 No service in chapel 
19/11/201710:00-18:00Senior School Play Technical RehearsalOndaatje Hall
19/11/2017All dayKRS: National Schools' Kayak ChampionshipsReading
20/11/2017 Chapel Duty: OH 
20/11/201708:50-10:10Elevate Presentation for Year 11: 'Ace your exams'Ondaatje Hall
20/11/201712:50Blundell's Strategy Group MeetingBeale Centre
20/11/201714:00Deadline for Spring Term calendar 
20/11/201716:00-17:20British Physics Olympiad Paper 2 for Year 13Physics Department
20/11/201716:30Girls' Hockey v The Maynard: U14A (H)  
20/11/201717:35House Masters and Mistresses' ForumBlundell House
20/11/201719:30Senior School Play Dress RehearsalOndaatje Hall
21/11/201708:40Year 9 AssemblyOndaatje Hall
21/11/201710:00-16:00Years 12 and 13 Economists to the Institute of Economic Affairs Conference departing 08:30Millfield School
21/11/201712:00Girls' Hockey: U13 County TournamentBlundell's School
21/11/201717:30Common Room MeetingOndaatje Hall
21/11/201719:30Senior School Play Dress RehearsalOndaatje Hall
22/11/2017 Years 9 and 10 Exams begin  
22/11/2017 Netball: National Schools Netball Tournament U14 County Round 
22/11/201707:40Holy CommunionLady Chapel
22/11/201714:00Jazz Workshop with Leeds College of MusicChapel
22/11/201715:00Girls' Hockey v St Peter's Lympstone: U13A U13B (A) departing 13:40 
22/11/201719:00Concert with the Leeds College of MusicChapel**
22/11/201719:30Senior School Play 'The Crucible' by Arthur MillerOndaatje Hall**
23/11/2017 Year 12 Assessments until Tuesday 28th November 
23/11/201713:00Welfare Committee MeetingSecond Master's Study
23/11/201713:15Teaching and Learning Working PartyML1
23/11/201718:30-19:30Adult Choir Rehearsal [parents and staff]Music Department
23/11/201719:30Senior School Play 'The Crucible' by Arthur MillerOndaatje Hall**
24/11/201708:40Year 13 AssemblyOndaatje Hall
24/11/201713:00Safeguarding TrainingSecond Master's Study
24/11/201719:30Senior School Play 'The Crucible' by Arthur MillerOndaatje Hall**
25/11/2017 IELTS examExeter College
25/11/201709:30-12:30Guest MorningBeale Centre
25/11/201711:00Girl's Hockey v West Buckland: U13XI U12A U12B (H)  
25/11/201713:00Girls' Hockey v West Buckland: 1st (H)  
25/11/201714:00Girls Hockey v West Buckland: U15A (A) departing 12:30 
25/11/201714:00Rugby v Bristol GS: 1st XV (A) departing 12:10 
25/11/201714:15Rugby v Bristol GS: U16A U16B U15A U15B U12A (H) 2nd 3rd U14A U14B U13A U13B (A) departing 12:10 
25/11/201715:00Girls' Hockey v West Buckland: U14A (A) departing 13:30  
26/11/2017 Christ the King 
26/11/201710:30School Service 
26/11/2017All dayTen Tors Training Walk on DartmoorDartmoor
27/11/2017 Years 9 and 10 Exams end  
27/11/2017 Chapel Duty: NC 
27/11/2017 Pupils to write self-assessments by Monday 4th December 
27/11/201712:35Policy and Compliance CommitteeAbram Room
27/11/201717:30Senior Leadership Team meetingBeale Centre
27/11/201719:30-21:00International Pupils' Games EveningSports Hall
28/11/2017 National Schools Netball Tournament- U16 County Round 
28/11/201708:40Year 11 AssemblyOndaatje Hall
28/11/201717:00SH Tea-time ConcertMusic Department
28/11/201717:30-18:10Quiet TimeLady Chapel
28/11/201718:10Holy Communion / Evening Prayer 
29/11/201707:40Holy CommunionLady Chapel
29/11/201711:30Exeter v East Devon Schools Cross Country - selected pupils  
29/11/201713:15Girls' Hockey v Millfield: U15B U14B (H)  
29/11/201714:15Girls' Hockey v Millfield: U14A (H)  
29/11/201714:30Girls' Hockey v Millfield: 2nd, 3rd, U15A (A) departing 12:45 
29/11/201716:00Girls' Hockey v Queen's Taunton: U12A U12B (H) U13A U13B (A) departing 15:00 
29/11/201716:00Basketball v Queen's Taunton: 1st (A) departing 15:10  
29/11/201717:30Calendar Committee MeetingBowring Room
29/11/201721:00Open Mic NightOndaatje Hall**
29/11/2017All dayYear 12 Chemists to a Caffeine Extraction WorkshopUniversity of Bristol
30/11/2017 Andrew the Apostle 
30/11/201711:15 departsMozart's 'Cosi Fan Tutte by the Glyndebourne Opera in Plymouth. Returning at 19:00Plymouth
30/11/201717:00-17:30Year 12 Parents' Academic ForumOndaatje Hall
30/11/201717:30Year 12 Parents' MeetingBig School
30/11/201719:00Adult Choir Rehearsal [parents and staff]Music Department
30/11/201719:30Monitors' DinnerBlundell House