Events for: 18/06/2019  to 31/07/2019  (end of the current term)

19/06/201914:00Girls' Cricket v Stover: U10a (H) 
19/06/201914:00Boys' Cricket v Taunton Prep: U10a U10b (H)  
19/06/201914:00Boys' Cricket v Taunton Prep: U11a U11b (A)  
19/06/201914:30Girls' Cricket v Stover: U11a U11b/U10b (H) Please note this is a change to the published calendar  
20/06/201910:00Nursery Summer Performance Dress Rehearsal - Pre-Prep Hall 
20/06/201914:00Boys' Cricket v Exeter Prep: U9a U9b (A)  
20/06/201914:00Boys & Girls' Cricket v Exeter Prep: U8 x 3 mixed teams (H) 
20/06/201914:15Girls' Cricket v Exeter Prep: U9 (A)  
21/06/2019 pm Blundell's got Talent and Year 6 BALSA Activities - Prep pupils only 
21/06/2019 Trinity Music Examinations 
21/06/2019 iLetter Day 
21/06/201910:00Nursery Summer Performance - Pre-Prep Hall 
22/06/201910:00Boys' Cricket v Thompson Sports Academy: U11a (H) 
22/06/201910:00Boys' Cricket v Devon Development: U9a (H) 
22/06/201910:00Girls' Cricket v Devon Development: U9 (H) 
23/06/201914:00Biathlon Years 5 & 6 - School swimming pool 
24/06/2019 Year 6 Induction at the Senior School 
24/06/2019 Move Up Day Nursery to Year 6 
24/06/201916:30-17:30Parents of Year 2 children meeting Year 3 teachers - Prep Hall 
25/06/2019 Nursery 2 Trip to Haldon Forest 
26/06/201918:00-21:00Summer Concert in the Marquee: All Prep School pupils are expected to attend 
27/06/2019 ASBRM Music Examinations 
27/06/201914:00Athletics v Wellington - Vaughan Cup: U9 U8 (A)  
28/06/2019 ASBRM Music Examinations 
28/06/2019 iLetter Day 
28/06/201912:30OB Parents Speech Day Lunch - Beale Centre 
28/06/201914:00Speech Day in the Marquee: All Prep School pupils go home after Speech Day and therefore there will be no Clubs or Prep for Year 3-6 
29/06/201910:00Boys' Cricket v Devon Development U11a (H) 
29/06/201910:00Girls' Cricket v Devon Development U11a (H) 
29/06/201918:15New Parents' FOBP Ball drinks at the Head Master's House 
29/06/201919:00FOBP Summer Ball in the Marquee 
01/07/2019 National Athletics Birmingham: U11 (A) - subject to qualification 
01/07/2019 Speech & Drama Examinations 
01/07/201912:45-13:15School Council Meeting with the Head Master 
01/07/201913:30-15:30Reception Profile Meetings - Pre-Prep Library 
02/07/2019 Speech & Drama Examinations 
02/07/2019 Year 3 Greek Day 
02/07/201909:00-15:15Year 1 trip to Kents Cavern 
02/07/201914:30Year 2 end of year celebration - Parents are welcome to attend 
03/07/2019 Speech & Drama Examinations 
04/07/201915:30-16:15Leavers' Service - Blundell's Chapel: All parents are welcome to attend.Blundell's Chapel
04/07/201917:30-18:30BALSA Evening - Prep Hall 
05/07/201912:00Term Ends Prep and Pre-Prep 
05/07/201912:30Staff Lunch 
05/07/201914:30Senior School Speech Day