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Monday 20  
12:40  Operational Leadership Team Meeting Beale Centre  Senior
17:30  Year 9 return from the Williams Cup    Senior
Tuesday 21  
   Matthew, Apostle & Evangelist    Senior
08:30  Year 10 Assembly Ondaatje Hall  Senior
09:00  Year 4 Outdoor Learning Day  16:30 Prep
13:00  Safeguarding Training M7  Senior
14:00  'Harry the Piano' - matinee for local primary schools Big School  Senior
15:00  'Harry the Piano' - workshop for selected jazz pianists Big School18:00 Senior
17:30  Quiet Time in the Lady Chapel followed by Holy Communion/Evening Prayer at 18:10 Chapel  Senior
19:00  'Harry the Piano' - concert for pupils, parents and the public Big School**  Senior
Wednesday 22  
   Golf v King's Taunton: first round of HMC Foursomes    Senior
   Deadline for Year 8 to complete their Roots and Wings 'Steve Mault' projects    Senior
   Deadline for Year 8 to complete their Roots and Wings 'Steve Mault' projects    Senior
   Sports Conference for selected Year 12 pupils departing at 08:15    Senior
08:30  Years 11 and 13 exam results, Year 11 target grades and Year 13 UCAS grades entered    Senior
08:30  Girls' Hockey: National Schools' Championships at Millfield Round 1 U16 (A) departing at 12:50    Senior
14:00  Rugby Festival with Queen's & St Peter's: U10a U10b (H)    Prep
14:00  Girls' Hockey v St Peter's: U11a U11b & St Peter's (A at Lords Meadow Crediton)    Prep
14:00  Rugby Festival at Queen's: U11b    Prep
14:00  Rugby Festival at St Peter's: U11a (A)    Prep
14:00  Basketball v Wells Cathedral School: 1st (A) departing at 13:00    Senior
14:30  Girls' Hockey v St Peter's & Exeter Cathedral: U10a U10b (H)    Prep
15:45  Rugby v Uffculme: U13A U13B U12A U12B (A) 15:45 Departing 14:50 Kingswood Playing Fields, Bath  Senior
16:00  A Level Music Technology classes: Genesis backstage tour and concert. Departing at 11:00am NEC Birmingham23:00 Senior
16:00  House Water Polo for Years 11, 12 and 13    Senior
16:30  Rugby v Kingsmead: U15B/C, U14B/C (H)    Senior
Thursday 23  
   Year 12 Geography trip to study slope management departing at 08:45 Lyme Regis  Senior
12:45  Monitors' Lunch Blundell House  Senior
14:30  Rugby v King's Hall: U9a U9b U8a U8b (H)    Prep
16:15  Oxbridge interview training for Year 13 Oxbridge candidates R1  Senior
17:00  Year 13 Parents' Meeting    Senior
17:30  CANCELLED: Base Camp Everest or Alternative International Gold DofE Presentation Summer 2022 for Parents and Students Beale Centre19:00 Senior
Friday 24  
   European Day of Languages    Senior
08:30  Year 12 Assembly Ondaatje Hall  Senior
08:45  Year 12 Study Skills Workshop Ondaatje Hall  Senior
13:30  Girls' Hockey Tournament at Exeter Prep: U10 (A)    Prep
15:30  Year 3 Parent Tea and Tours  16:15 Prep
16:15  Prayers for Blundell's Lady Chapel  Senior
17:00  Year 12 tutors' meetings with parents in Houses    Senior
18:00  Girl's Hockey v Bristol Grammar School: 1st, 2nd (H)    Senior
Saturday 25  
   Leave Weekend    Senior
   Virtual USA College Day    Senior
08:30  Senior School Open Day Big School and Beale Centre14:00 Senior
08:30  Senior School Open Morning  14:00 Prep
11:30  Girl's Hockey v Bristol Grammar School: U12A, U12B(A) departing at 09:30    Senior
12:00  Girl's Hockey v Bristol Grammar School: U14C, U13A, U13B(H)    Senior
13:00  Girls' Hockey v Bristol Grammar School: 1st, 2nd (H)    Senior
14:00  Rugby v Truro: U16A U16B U14A U14B U12A U12B (H) 1st 2nd U15A U15B U13A U13B (A) departing at 11:00    Senior
14:00  Girls' Hockey v Bristol Grammar School: U15A,U15B (A) departing at 12:15    Senior
14:30  Girls' Hockey v Bristol Grammar School: 3rd,4th,(H)    Senior
15:15  Girls' Hockey v Bristol Grammar School: U14A,U14B (A) departing at 13:15    Senior
Sunday 26  
   Equestrian: Blundell's School One Day Event Pontispool  Senior
   Fives: Reichwald Trophy Tournament Beale Centre and Fives Courts  Senior
   Trinity 17    Senior
   Ten Tors 35 mile team selection walk Dartmoor  Senior
   No service in Chapel    Senior
11:30  School Brunch  12:30 Senior