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Monday 26  
   Year 2 visit to Tiverton Castle    Prep
12:40  Senior Leadership Team Meeting Beale Centre  Senior
13:15  School Council Meeting Popham  Senior
13:15  Community Action Teams' Meeting E1  Senior
15:15  Year 5 & 6 House Matches - Netball and Hockey    Prep
16:15  Netball v Uffculme: U12A, U13A (A) departing at 15:30    Senior
17:00  Speech & Drama Recital - Prep Hall    Prep
17:30  Years 9 and 12 Connections Evening Big School18:30 Senior
17:35 Meeting - Houseparents  House Masters and Mistresses' Forum Blundell House  Senior
19:30  A Level Drama Exam Performance Ondaatje Hall  Senior
Tuesday 27  
08:30  Year 10 Assembly Ondaatje Hall  Senior
08:45  Pre-Prep Year 2 Morning Melodies - Pre-Prep Hall  09:15 Prep
09:00  Year 5 Wildside Experience Day  16:30 Prep
13:15  Safeguarding Training M7  Senior
16:00  Community Garden Event 6: 'Plot to Plate' winter warmers Garden Cabin17:30 Senior
16:15  Netball v Taunton School: 4th, 5th, 6th (H)    Senior
17:30  Junior Inter-House Public Speaking Competition Ondaatje Hall  Senior
18:30  SH Parents' Dinner Party Beale Centre20:30 Senior
Wednesday 28  
07:40  Holy Communion Lady Chapel  Senior
08:00  Year 11 Employability Day Classrooms and Old Gym16:30 Senior
08:45  Pre-Prep Year 1 Morning Melodies - Pre-Prep Hall  09:15 Prep
10:00  U12 / 13 Rugby 7s: Departing 08:00 Port Regis  Senior
14:00  Netball v St. Peter's: U13C, U12C (A) 14:00 departing at 12:45    Senior
14:00  Netball v Exeter College: 1st (A) departing at 12:45 POSTPONED    Senior
14:00  Boys' Hockey v Exeter Junior & St Peter's: U10a U10b (A)    Prep
14:00  Netball v Exeter & Exeter Cathedral: U11a U11b (A)    Prep
14:10  Boys' Hockey v St Peter's: U13A, U13B (H)    Senior
14:30  Netball v Exeter & Exeter Cathedral: U10a U10b (H)    Prep
14:30  Boys' Hockey v Exeter Junior & St Peter's: U11a U11b (H)    Prep
14:30  Football v West Buckland: 3rd (H) CANCELLED    Senior
15:00  Boys' Hockey v St Peter's: U12A (A) departing at 13:45    Senior
16:10  Netball v The Maynard: U14A, U14B (H) U15A, U15B (A) departing at 14:55    Senior
17:00  Percussion Concert - Prep Hall    Prep
19:30  The Gorty Trophy: Scrabble FOB's Cafe  Senior
Thursday 29  
   IAPS Netball Regional Tournament at Millfield: U11a (A)    Prep
09:00  Primary School Activity Day for Wilcombe Primary School  17:00 Senior
09:45 Academic - NQT  ECT 2 Training Day Beale Centre15:00 Senior
13:00  Welfare Committee Meeting Second Master's Study  Senior
13:30  Year 13 Trial Examination marks entered    Senior
14:00  Boys' Hockey v West Buckland & Exeter Cathedral: U9a U9b (H)    Prep
14:00  Boys' Hockey v West Buckland & Exeter Cathedral: U8a U8b (H)    Prep
14:00  Toddler Group meeting  15:15 Prep
14:15  Netball v Stover: U9a U9b (A)    Prep
14:15  Netball Bee Flier v Stover: U8 (A)    Prep
18:30  OB Club and Westlake Quiz and Pizza Night Beale Centre  Senior
19:00  Speech & Drama Showcase Ondaatje Hall  Senior
Friday 1  
   Year 2 pupils' introduction to Year 3    Prep
   David, Bishop and patron of Wales, c.601    Senior
08:30  Year 13 Assembly Ondaatje Hall  Senior
09:00  Governors' Meeting Prep School 10:45 Senior
10:00  Quiz Club online Area Heat  11:00 Prep
10:00  Boys' IAPS Hockey regional round at Queen's: U11a (A)    Prep
10:00  Wells Cathedral Religious Studies Conference for selected students in Years 12 and 13 departing at 08:45    Senior
11:00  Governors' Meeting Beale Centre17:00 Senior
13:30  Netball Tournament at Exeter Junior: U10a (A)    Prep
15:00  Year 2 and Beyond meeting and Parents' Tea - Prep Hall  16:00 Prep
16:00  British Physics Olympiad: Intermediate Physics Challenge P1 17:00 Senior
16:10  Enrichment for Year 11: 'Positive Voice' a lecture by Emma Cole Old Gym  Senior
16:10  World Challenge Expedition - preparation meeting for pupils P117:10 Senior
16:10  Enrichment for Year 13: 'Student Finance and Budgeting' a talk by the University of Exeter Chapel17:10 Senior
16:15  EPQ Exhibition Big School Foyer  Senior
17:00  Year 13 Parents' Meeting Big School  Senior
17:00  Modern Languages Workshop for Year 9 languages pupils departing at 16:00 Exeter University18:30 Senior
17:30  Drop in session for pupils in Years 12 and 13 and their parents, hosted by University of Exeter Big School Foyer18:30 Senior
17:30  'Open Door' Christian discussion group Blundell House18:30 Senior
Saturday 2  
   IELTS Examinations    Senior
10:00  Netball Tournament at Queen's: U10a (A)    Prep
10:00  Boys' Hockey Tournament at Millfield: U10a U10b (A)    Prep
12:15  Year 11 Parents' Academic Forum Ondaatje Hall  Senior
14:00  The Russell    Senior
Sunday 3  
   Lent 3    Senior
   Equestrian: Senior Schools' Polo Arena Championships Rugby Polo Club  Senior
10:00  GCSE Drama Technical Rehearsals Ondaatje Hall18:00 Senior
11:30  School Brunch  12:30 Senior
19:00  School Service Chapel  Senior